How could you train your staff to make a bigger company???

If you are not ambitious, you have no way to change the world.

Facebook has spent a lot of time giving new people and teaching them bold. They believe that this will have a positive impact on society, to encourage them to be ambitious, the park can be seen everywhere on the bold, ambition and other slogans.

Born in 1980 after the millennial generation, often unrestrained, and have a fantasy – work should be an interesting thing.

Salary research firm PayScale released a research report this month, Facebook staff median age of 28 years old. In contrast, Google is 30 years old, Apple is 31 years old. Facebook accepted the characteristics of these young people, and for them carefully developed a management approach.

Facebook tells the manager that 80% of the performance evaluation of the millennials should focus on their strengths. Employees are not to whom to obey, but have a “strong sense of ownership.”

They are in the choice, adjustment of the task was given an unusual freedom, even beyond their professional areas. Compared with the parallel career development trajectory, the management is not even “promotion”.