Huge data of Mooncakes throughout ecommerce platforms

In addition to taste war, there are price war. It is noteworthy that, in Taobao platform, this year’s moon cake prices fell for the first time. Taobao background related staff said, “Last year, Taobao platform per capita consumption of moon cake over 200 yuan mark, this year dropped significantly, a decline of 25%, that is, almost everyone about 150 yuan.

Suning Tesco’s data also show that the price of 200 to 300 yuan between the moon cake sales fell, the price of 100 to 200 yuan between the sales of moon cake increased by 4 percent.

At the same time, there are people in the industry observation, in recent years has been widely criticized the price of gift boxes, excessive packaging phenomenon has changed this year. According to the data of the Jingdong, moon cake gift box sales fell by three percent, while the ordinary carton is increased by nearly 20%. “China Consumer News” special department director Shi Qianyuan said, gradually lower consumer prices and continue to attach importance to environmental protection, packaging, indicating that people in the moon cake consumption is returning to rational.

“We are paying more attention to the nature of the commodity,” he said. Bring the impact.