Why do many start-up businesses die???

People are always the most important. We each do business ideas are not the same, the purpose is not the same, some for fun, some to feed their families, Laopan out of the book I have seen the earliest business just to make their family life better.

After graduating from college to work two years later, my entrepreneurial reasons are very simple, my grandmother was sick at that time in bed, need a lot of money to cure, money to rely on their own family to raise. I was thinking of hurry to start, and quickly make money, do not let the family to sell food, so grandmother money treatment. So it is very simple purpose.

Until 2004 to do the electricity business, they began to understand what business model, until 2007, I know what is venture capital, only to get the first financing.

Before 2004, we made six years of traditional retail, when the internal development of a “inverted triangle” system. Jingdong Mall with a dozen years of the system, the bottom is the “team” is the most basic.

This year, we have invested dozens of enterprises, some success, and some failed. Yesterday, we invested in a business closed, of course, is not the entrepreneur’s own ability, is indeed the industry choice, the grasp of financing, cash flow control and so on factors.