Le collection has made a strategic cooperative relationship with Fengchao

Le collection was established in July 2013, the use of Internet of Things, mobile Internet technology for colleges and universities to provide third-party delivery and delivery of intelligent service platform to solve the express “last mile” problem. “We are mainly located in the last mile of the campus, there are service stations on the campus (similar to the business hall), there are automatic cabinets, there are staff, there are warehouses, and then to cooperate with the system of the program Solve the last mile of the campus dispatch problem.

It is understood that the music has now covered nearly 200 schools, the amount of daily delivery of about 150,000, the amount of mail sent about 8% of the amount of parts, which are generally 8% of the students returned. Le collection of the campus service station is entirely self-built, and in the self-mention this piece of resources thanks to Shun Feng, and Fengnai have a strategic cooperative relationship, happy and Fengnai together into the campus, and Feng Chao smart courier Data system to get through.

Now the collection of each campus service station can maintain breakeven, the current main profit way 2 points: First, the express business income, is certainly low; Second, value-added services, including the scene marketing, brand marketing, to ensure that Basic balance of payments.