More and more Chinese are using alipay abroad

Now China’s National Day Golden Week has become the world’s Golden Week.

More and more people out of the country tourism, which in the foreign business to bring income at the same time, also brought no small challenge.

For example, there are Japanese businesses on the website for help how to open Alipay. The store said that because of their own stores do not pay treasure and WeChat to pay, so that Chinese guests quite disappointed.

However, it is noteworthy that China Mobile to pay in Japan’s “conquering” has caused the Japanese financial sector vigilance. Japan’s about 70 Japanese banks plan to jointly launch a virtual currency, temporarily named “J currency”.

Welcome to China National Day

China’s birthday, not only the whole world of Chinese children celebrate, foreigners are excited, welcome the Chinese National Day!

This is the Chinese mall in the National Day celebration card, however, look at the currency unit – pounds. Yes, it is in the UK.

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