Amazon will enter the prescription drug retail

According to foreign media reports, due to reports that Amazon is seeking to enter the drug online market, pharmaceutical retailers Walberg Association (Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc), CVS Health Corp (CVS Health Corp) and Ryder love (Rite Aid Corp) shares Friday Have to fall.

Ana Gupte, an analyst at brokerage firm Leerink, said in a report to clients that Amazon is talking about negotiating with drug welfare managers in the middle market and has hired professionals to Market for evaluation.

“We believe that Amazon will almost certainly enter the drug distribution value chain within two years, which will have a strong impact on this market,” Gump said.

Amazon drug market has long been the media speculation.

On Friday, CNBC quoted Amazon as an e-mail content and a source reported that e-commerce giant Amazon would decide whether to enter the prescription drug online market before Thanksgiving.

A spokeswoman for Amazon said the company declined to comment on the above rumors or speculation.

Local time Friday, drug retailer Wobo Lian to 5.8% decline to close, to Germany fell 4.9%, CVS health care fell 4.9%. Amazon rose $ 8.73, to close at $ 989.58, or 0.89%. As of Friday, the Amazon market value has reached 475.37 billion US dollars.

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