Huawei aims to defeat Iphone and Samsung in Indian Market

The World Economic Forum The India Economic Summit was held in New Delhi, India, from 4 to 6 October. “We really think that India is one of the most important strategic markets in Huawei’s global distribution,” Chen said in an interview with CNBC.

Chen also said that Huawei’s role in the Indian market is increasingly important, its in the Indian telecommunications industry has a lot of strategic cooperative relations.

Although Huawei is deep in the telecommunications business, but it still hopes to India’s huge smart phone market share.

According to market research firm Counterpoint Research, as of the second quarter of 2017, Samsung Electronics is the leader in the Indian smart phone market. Followed by Samsung Electronics is millet, vivo, OPPO and Lenovo (including Motorola business).

Huawei in the Indian smart phone market failed to be among the top five triggered by the outside world, because the company is the world’s third largest smart phone maker, and set out beyond Samsung Electronics and Apple’s ambition.

Most market research firms have not yet released data on third-quarter smartphone shipments.

Thursday, Huawei launched in India, the new mobile phone glory 9i, which has a 5.9-inch display, 4GB RAM and before and after the two groups of cameras. According to reports, the glory 9i only through the Indian business platform Flipkart for sale, priced at about 17,999 rupees (about 1,800 yuan).

Huge data of Mooncakes throughout ecommerce platforms

In addition to taste war, there are price war. It is noteworthy that, in Taobao platform, this year’s moon cake prices fell for the first time. Taobao background related staff said, “Last year, Taobao platform per capita consumption of moon cake over 200 yuan mark, this year dropped significantly, a decline of 25%, that is, almost everyone about 150 yuan.

Suning Tesco’s data also show that the price of 200 to 300 yuan between the moon cake sales fell, the price of 100 to 200 yuan between the sales of moon cake increased by 4 percent.

At the same time, there are people in the industry observation, in recent years has been widely criticized the price of gift boxes, excessive packaging phenomenon has changed this year. According to the data of the Jingdong, moon cake gift box sales fell by three percent, while the ordinary carton is increased by nearly 20%. “China Consumer News” special department director Shi Qianyuan said, gradually lower consumer prices and continue to attach importance to environmental protection, packaging, indicating that people in the moon cake consumption is returning to rational.

“We are paying more attention to the nature of the commodity,” he said. Bring the impact.

China-invented EMU train brings more sights to you

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China has opened a new high-speed rail of 13,600 km, and the high-speed rail business mileage has exceeded 22,000 kilometers. Achievement on the show, “revival number” EMU model like a silver dragon, attracted a lot of viewers posed for pictures.

“Rejuvenation” EMU train is pure Chinese descent, as the Chinese people I am very proud! “He Chunsheng from Shandong side of the phone to look at their own car with the self-timer group photo, while excitedly told reporters. It is understood that in the “revival” 254 important criteria, the Chinese standard accounted for 84%. The most important is the overall design of China’s standard EMU and the body, bogies, traction, braking, network and other key technologies are independent research and development, with completely independent intellectual property rights.

“Revival” is China’s fully independent intellectual property rights of the Chinese standard EMU, its successful development and production, marking the complete set of railway technology and equipment, especially high-speed EMU has been at the forefront of the world’s advanced. “China Railway Corporation General Manager Lu Dongfu Said that in the decisive comprehensive build a moderately prosperous society, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation an important historical node of the Chinese dream, the Chinese standard EMU named “revival”, on behalf of the Chinese railway in the new era of firm and party, courageously determination.

How could you train your staff to make a bigger company???

If you are not ambitious, you have no way to change the world.

Facebook has spent a lot of time giving new people and teaching them bold. They believe that this will have a positive impact on society, to encourage them to be ambitious, the park can be seen everywhere on the bold, ambition and other slogans.

Born in 1980 after the millennial generation, often unrestrained, and have a fantasy – work should be an interesting thing.

Salary research firm PayScale released a research report this month, Facebook staff median age of 28 years old. In contrast, Google is 30 years old, Apple is 31 years old. Facebook accepted the characteristics of these young people, and for them carefully developed a management approach.

Facebook tells the manager that 80% of the performance evaluation of the millennials should focus on their strengths. Employees are not to whom to obey, but have a “strong sense of ownership.”

They are in the choice, adjustment of the task was given an unusual freedom, even beyond their professional areas. Compared with the parallel career development trajectory, the management is not even “promotion”.

Why do many start-up businesses die???

People are always the most important. We each do business ideas are not the same, the purpose is not the same, some for fun, some to feed their families, Laopan out of the book I have seen the earliest business just to make their family life better.

After graduating from college to work two years later, my entrepreneurial reasons are very simple, my grandmother was sick at that time in bed, need a lot of money to cure, money to rely on their own family to raise. I was thinking of hurry to start, and quickly make money, do not let the family to sell food, so grandmother money treatment. So it is very simple purpose.

Until 2004 to do the electricity business, they began to understand what business model, until 2007, I know what is venture capital, only to get the first financing.

Before 2004, we made six years of traditional retail, when the internal development of a “inverted triangle” system. Jingdong Mall with a dozen years of the system, the bottom is the “team” is the most basic.

This year, we have invested dozens of enterprises, some success, and some failed. Yesterday, we invested in a business closed, of course, is not the entrepreneur’s own ability, is indeed the industry choice, the grasp of financing, cash flow control and so on factors.

Maintain the competitiveness of smart speakers

In the field of smart speakers, Amazon Echo with the pioneer’s advantage to occupy the vast majority of the market, but with Apple, Google and Samsung and other technology giants play, Echo is a bit powerless.

In order to be able to compete with other manufacturers, Amazon for their own smart speaker series for a comprehensive update. Launched three different positioning of the smart speakers to meet the different needs of users.

The first is a new upgrade of the Amazon Echo smart speakers, this time with a new shell material can be designed, you can choose to stay in different colors of the shell. Including charcoal, peach, limestone, silver, etc., easily let the “smart assistant” into a different home style.

In addition, Amazon also updated the acoustic structure of the Echo Smart Speaker, which has a 2.5-inch woofer and a tweeter to support Dolby Stereo mode. With the second generation of Far-Field technology, in a noisy environment to correctly identify the user’s voice commands.

If you do not like the appearance of the new Echo smart speakers, Amazon also prepared for you Echo Plus smart speakers. Its specific hardware configuration and the new Echo no difference, but in the function of a little different. Echo Plus with ZigBee connection technology, you can directly use the voice to control the smart home devices, such as lamps, curtains and so on.

Amazon Logistics rival Flexport received $ 110 million in financing

On October 7, Silicon Valley start-up companies, Amazon in the logistics industry competitors, technology and freight company Flexport has just completed a new round of financing, in this financing, Flexport raised $ 110 million, the company valuation reached 9.1 Billion dollars.

The investors involved in Flexport’s investment include Dounder, Yuri Milner, Founder’s Fund from venture capitalist Peter Thiel, and Wells Fargo. In fact, Flexport in the early financing, investors also include Google (microblogging) venture capital (GV).

Flexport now in the field of logistics and delivery gradually grow, of course, Amazon in the field of logistics is also increasing investment. It is Amazon in the field of logistics step by step, Flexport is also increasing investment. Flexport claims through the blog, the reason why the latest financing, is to “increase investment again.”

Today, companies are reluctant to rely on Amazon logistics for international cargo business, often choose Flexport. Flexport will carefully handle the entire shipping process and handle the sensitive information of the customer. Flexport currently has about 1,800 customers, some of them in the field of e-commerce, such as Warby Parker, Casper, Allbirds and Honest Company.

“The world’s largest freight forwarder accounts for only about 2% of the trillions of dollars,” said Ryan Petersen, founder and CEO of Flexport. “Global trade is growing by about 3% per year, so , Although Amazon has become the world ‘s largest freight forwarders, but I think that other freight forwarders still have room for development.

More and more Chinese are using alipay abroad

Now China’s National Day Golden Week has become the world’s Golden Week.

More and more people out of the country tourism, which in the foreign business to bring income at the same time, also brought no small challenge.

For example, there are Japanese businesses on the website for help how to open Alipay. The store said that because of their own stores do not pay treasure and WeChat to pay, so that Chinese guests quite disappointed.

However, it is noteworthy that China Mobile to pay in Japan’s “conquering” has caused the Japanese financial sector vigilance. Japan’s about 70 Japanese banks plan to jointly launch a virtual currency, temporarily named “J currency”.

Welcome to China National Day

China’s birthday, not only the whole world of Chinese children celebrate, foreigners are excited, welcome the Chinese National Day!

This is the Chinese mall in the National Day celebration card, however, look at the currency unit – pounds. Yes, it is in the UK.

Amazon will enter the prescription drug retail

According to foreign media reports, due to reports that Amazon is seeking to enter the drug online market, pharmaceutical retailers Walberg Association (Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc), CVS Health Corp (CVS Health Corp) and Ryder love (Rite Aid Corp) shares Friday Have to fall.

Ana Gupte, an analyst at brokerage firm Leerink, said in a report to clients that Amazon is talking about negotiating with drug welfare managers in the middle market and has hired professionals to Market for evaluation.

“We believe that Amazon will almost certainly enter the drug distribution value chain within two years, which will have a strong impact on this market,” Gump said.

Amazon drug market has long been the media speculation.

On Friday, CNBC quoted Amazon as an e-mail content and a source reported that e-commerce giant Amazon would decide whether to enter the prescription drug online market before Thanksgiving.

A spokeswoman for Amazon said the company declined to comment on the above rumors or speculation.

Local time Friday, drug retailer Wobo Lian to 5.8% decline to close, to Germany fell 4.9%, CVS health care fell 4.9%. Amazon rose $ 8.73, to close at $ 989.58, or 0.89%. As of Friday, the Amazon market value has reached 475.37 billion US dollars.

Le collection has made a strategic cooperative relationship with Fengchao

Le collection was established in July 2013, the use of Internet of Things, mobile Internet technology for colleges and universities to provide third-party delivery and delivery of intelligent service platform to solve the express “last mile” problem. “We are mainly located in the last mile of the campus, there are service stations on the campus (similar to the business hall), there are automatic cabinets, there are staff, there are warehouses, and then to cooperate with the system of the program Solve the last mile of the campus dispatch problem.

It is understood that the music has now covered nearly 200 schools, the amount of daily delivery of about 150,000, the amount of mail sent about 8% of the amount of parts, which are generally 8% of the students returned. Le collection of the campus service station is entirely self-built, and in the self-mention this piece of resources thanks to Shun Feng, and Fengnai have a strategic cooperative relationship, happy and Fengnai together into the campus, and Feng Chao smart courier Data system to get through.

Now the collection of each campus service station can maintain breakeven, the current main profit way 2 points: First, the express business income, is certainly low; Second, value-added services, including the scene marketing, brand marketing, to ensure that Basic balance of payments.